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Life & Relationship Coach

Tel: +44 (0)7976 729710

Helping relationships go from good, or even pretty crap, to great (or at least better!)

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Ahhhh, the romance - the beautiful couple so happy, supportive, connected and in love.

Just like all couples feel all the time right?  Wrong!!

Meanwhile, back in real life, couples disagree, bills need to be paid, you're both tired, jobs can be stressful, we get sick, elderly parents need looking after, kids interrupt sleep or drive you crazy, the car breaks down, you're pregnant, it's homework night, an alarm goes off at 3am, we stub our toes etc.


And all of these everyday things, and oh so many more, put stress on our relationships.


Worse still, nobody ever taught us how to be in a relationship with someone.  And we never even take time out to plan how we want to be as a couple or how we want to adjust after major life events such as children.


And that is exactly where Relationship Coaching can help.  Relationship Coaching is not just for couples in crisis (although it can certainly help those too).  It's for normal couples who live in the real World and want a stronger, more positive relationship.  

Welcome, I would love to work with you both.  And congratulations on being 100% normal!  So what happens next?

“We don't need coaching.  That’s like counselling isn’t it?  It's not like we're off to get a divorce.  We get on ok.  We're just the same as most couples, there's nothing really wrong, it's just the way life is.  Coaching's for people who are a bit sad or needy isn’t it?"

A common and understandable reaction.


Firstly Relationship Coaching is definitely not counselling or therapy.  And it's not for couples on the brink of separating.  


You know you want to stay together so let's make your relationship as good as it can possibly be.  I like to think of it more like investing in a service for your car - the car hasn't broken down but this will enable it to keep running smoothly and it may well end up running far better than it has been of late.

My name is Sue Saker.  I'm a Relationship Coach and I firmly believe that too many relationships could be so much better than they currently are.  I have had the pleasure of witnessing couples transform their relationships and want to help you to see if your relationship can be more loving, supportive, fun and connected. 

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Relationship Coaching can be of benefit if any of this sounds like your relationship:

There may be plenty to be satisfied with (or not) and it's not like you're about to get a divorce or sell the flat. But.


Sometimes you feel your partner just doesn't understand you at all.


You want to feel closer and more connected or are worried you've drifted apart.


You don't have as much fun together as you used to.


You can get very irritated by your partner and vice versa or have too many arguments.


Conversations seem primarily to focus on logistics or the kids and you don't feel listened to or heard by your partner.


Or perhaps your relationship is going through a major life event such as marriage, moving in, a baby, redundancy and hence is feeling strained.


You would describe your relationship as solid, good or alright but you wonder if it could be great?


One, or both, of you feels nervous about what might come out of the Coaching and feels you shouldn't rock the boat.


Already know you want a better relationship?


Sign up for a completely




no obligation Sample Session to discover more about how coaching can help you.

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