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Life & Relationship Coach

Tel: +44 (0)7976 729710

Helping relationships go from good, or even pretty crap, to great (or at least better!)

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What happens in a Relationship Coaching session?  Will you be telling us what to do?

Does this mean we won't argue anymore?

I'm not surprised. Coaching is a very tricky concept to explain to someone in words, especially Relationship Coaching as many people associate it with marital councelling and yet it is completely different.


It's a bit like trying to explain the feeling of doing a Bungee Jump to someone who has never done one - no words will ever get across the sensation as you dive off the platform.  I know, I did one and I'm not sure I'll ever forget the feeling of launching myself head first off a bridge.  Luckily coaching is a lot less scary but still difficult to describe.


Because coaching is a hard concept to understand I offer a free Sample Session to any couple who are interested so that they can experience it.  There is absolutely no obligation to then sign up afterwards.  And even if you are only vaguely curious to see what it's all about then I encourage you to give it a go - clients often get a lot out of the Sample Session itself.  


What makes you such an expert on our relationship?

I'm not!


What I am an expert on is being a Relationship Coach.  By asking the right questions and employing a variety of proven techniques, I enable you two to be the experts on your Relationship, to really understand it and know what to do with it.


I have also trained to an advanced level in both Individual Coaching and Relationship Coaching and have hundreds of hours of coaching experience.  I am passionate about people making the most of their lives and really finding fulfillment and enjoyment.  The relationships we are in, not just the romantic ones, play a big part in that so we may as well get them right.

Nope. Contrary to popular belief, happy couples can still argue or disagree.  They just do it in a non-destructive way and are able to quickly move on.  Conflicts are a fact of life as we are all different with different values, life experiences and opinions.


Relationship Coaching will give you more awareness of how you are arguing and what about.

I'm still not sure I understand it.

In summary, relationship coaching helps couples to be better at being a couple.

I coach couples (and other relationships) to help them to:


Remember the magic from when they first met

Improve the way they communicate

Understand & support one another better

Enable all views to be really heard and listened to

Choose how to deal with life events as a team

Design how they want their relationship to be in future

Give attention to the relationship

Appreciate one another

Find out what's really going on below the surface

Find less destructive ways to disagree

Have more fun


Wow?  Imagine that.  Instead of just trundling along, and hoping for the best, to really take time out and design how you want your relationship to be.


Relationship Coaching isn't just for couples in crisis.  It's for couples who are pretty certain they're in it for the long term and want it to be the best that it can be.  Equally if your relationship is struggling at the moment then coaching can help you both to figure out what you really want and how to go about it, whether that is to stay together or finding a constructive way to part.


It's also for any sort of relationship eg family relationships, friends, work colleagues etc.  We are all in so many different relationships.


And yet nobody ever teaches us how to be in a relationship and hence most of us are actually not that brilliant at it.  This is where Relationship Coaching can really help.

Absolutely not.  There isn't one perfect model for how a relationship should be as it's about the two individuals and what works for them both together.  My role is to facilitate so that you can decide together how you want to be in your relationship and help to resolve any differences.  I will also introduce some simple but effective techniques for helping your relationship to thrive.


I don't take sides or judge anything or anyone in the coaching.  A very important principle that I hold to is that everyone is at least partially right and yes, that does mean that your partner is partially right too!  Another important principle is that all voices, opinions and feelings need to be heard.  Part of my role is to help them to be expressed and also to be listened to by the other half of the relationship.


We won't be raking over the past or previous mistakes. Coaching starts from where you are now and where you want to be.

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